Stopping by Biarritz

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On our way back to our apartment in Ciboure from Bayonne Lauren suggested we stop by the seaside town of Biarritz since I had never been.  I had heard about Biarritz, that it was a glitzy, popular destination, and I was curious to at least get a glimpse of what all the fuss was about.


Grande Plage

We arrived in Biarritz just as the late afternoon lit up the beach.  It was magical.


The main beach in Biarritz, France

Families and teens strolled along the wide promenade.


Hôtel du Palais

The elegant Hotel du Palais is a prominent landmark on the beach.  It was originally built by Napoleon III, and his Spanish wife Eugenie, in 1855.  He chose Biarritz because it is near Spain and he hoped this would help Eugenie from getting homesick.



Leaving the promenade we walked along the sea wall to check out what was around the bend.

2img_3409fullsizerenderWe discovered a romantic foot bridge which led to a small island where a young couple was getting married.  In the distance rose Saint Eugénie Church and a chateau.  It was a bit like entering a fairy tale in a very great way.


Saint Eugénie Church



Rock of the Virgin

This view of the Rock of the Virgin in the sunset allured us and as we walked toward it a rogue wave splashed up through the iron bridge soaking two unsuspecting tourists.  Not taking any chances we chickened out and turned back as it was cold out.

fullsizerender_1 Biarritz was a beautiful and romantic place, and definitely worthwhile stopping by.


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