On the road to the Basque Coast, first stop Zumaia

When planning my trip to visit Lauren in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 2016 I considered traveling to another destination on my way to her place since it would be my second time in Vitoria and I had seen many of the sites.   But Lauren reassured me that there were many amazing day trips from Vitoria and since Koldo had a car the three of us could also take a road trip to small towns that would be difficult to get to by bus.  I was thrilled with this idea since exploring small, out-of-the-way towns are my favorite destinations and visiting more popular cities like Barcelona or Lisbon were places I could always get to easily on my own in the future.

So Lauren researched possible places we might travel to by car allowing me the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the ride when I arrived.  She wanted to surprise me which was fine by me as it gave me a break from being the intense planner that I tend to be.


Zumaia Waterfront

Our 3-day road trip began on the Friday before Easter.  We headed north toward the Basque coast arriving in Zumaia in about an hour.  The cafes along the waterfront were buzzing with other holiday travelers.


Map and points of interest in Zumaia

#2IMG_8280We took a walk


Itzurun Beach

to the Cantabrian Sea where steep cliffs and diagonal rock formations defined the Itzurun beach.  It was chilly, cloudy and lovely.


Hermitage of San Telmo

We climbed up a road passing by San Telmo hermitage,


View of Itzurun Beach

then followed a path down the steep hill for spectacular views.


San Telmo Hermitage with view of Itzurun Beach


Itzurun Beach

The Flysch rock formations are unusual and geologists from all over come to study them.  I had noticed similar geology in San Sebastian.

#4ZumaiaIMG_3284 The view of the sea, beach, mountains and town were amazing and unusual.


View of the church of San Pedro

After taking in all the wonderful scenery and fresh sea air we headed back into town for lunch.  As we approached the Old Town we first saw the Church of San Pedro, a Gothic church dating back to the 13th Century.


Standing in the entrance to the church of San Pedro.

The church was closed but interesting to look at from the outside.


Looking out from the church yard to a typical building in the town.


Pouring glasses of Basque wine Txakoli

It was a party in the Old Town; people spilling into the streets enjoying wine and pinxtos.  Somehow we found a table inside.


Lauren and Koldo happy to be eating soon.


Tech rules even in a small, coastal town in Spain.

I found Zumaia to be a lovely seaside town in a beautiful location.  If I were to return I would take a longer hike on the trails along the cliffs.

Next post: On to Getaria and Zarautz


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