Magic in Mundaka

After spending most of my first day in Basque Country exploring Guernica we continued driving north to the small coastal town of Mundaka.  It had been raining on and off most of the day and as we headed north the darkest clouds appeared to be traveling with us.


Looking out to sea from the harbor.

Mundaka is known as a great surfing spot although when we arrived the ocean was calm.  We parked in town then walked a short distance to the small harbor with a great view of the sea.


St. Catherine’s Hermitage

We noticed a small heritage perched on a distant bluff.  Koldo suggested we walk over to the little church to check it out even though it was raining and getting late.

#1IMG_7952It was easier to get to than we expected, only a few minutes away on a marked path.

The chapel was closed but we took a peak inside.


Looking south toward the estuary.

From the hermitage we had a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding area.  No other people were in sight.


View of Izaro Island

As we stood in the light rain admiring the scenery, a faint rainbow appeared over the sea.  A nice touch we thought.  Then the rainbow grew larger and brighter, eventually spanning from Izaro Island to the peninsula across from us.  It became so bright and clear we could hardly believe it.  A second rainbow appeared.  It was magical and breath-taking.  We took many photos but we couldn’t fully capture the splendor of it.


Double rainbow in Mundaka

#5IMG_8004Then a man appeared out of no where, walked to the edge of the bluff and began to chant and beat on a Native American drum.  All this on my first day in Basque Country.

#3IMG_2875Rainbows typically disappear quickly but these brightened the sky for at least half an hour and we stayed until they began to fade.

#1IMG_2921As we headed back to our car the trail was busy with people trekking out to the bluff to get a closer look at the sky.


The Old Fishing Port in Bermeo

From Mundaka we continued on our journey to the town on Bermeo which is only a few minutes away.  Bermeo is the most important fishing port in the Basque Country.

#1IMG_8012Lauren and Koldo had been here before and they wanted to show me the quaint harbor

FullSizeRenderand to enjoy pinxtos at the marina before our drive back to Vitoria.


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