Dubrovnik: Views from The Town Walls

Walking the 1.25 miles of stone walls that surround the Old Town in Dubrovnik is a must when visiting this City.  Lauren and I saved this attraction for our final full day in Croatia.  We arrived early to Ploce Gate to get a head start on the many other tourists eager to walk on the ancient fortress walls that once protected the City.


View of Lokrum Island and tiled roofs

Purchasing our ticket at 9am, with rain clouds threatening overhead and not a lot of people yet, we climbed the steps to the wall and immediately were greeted with spectacular views of the red tile roofs and the sea.


View of Fort of Saint Lawrence

#3IMG_7412The wall is only about 3′ to 4′ wide in most places.


The crowds thickened later in the morning.


View of the Stradun




View of the Old Port


#2IMG_7366People still live in the Old Town and as we walked by a school we could see through the open windows kids sitting at their desks while class was in session.  They waved to us as we walked by and I wondered how it would be to live with all these tourists peering into your space.  They seemed to be used to it, apparently normal to them.


The wall opens up in a few places.

You could easily walk the wall in an hour but we were up there at least two snapping photos and enjoying so many spectacular and interesting views.  It was a highlight of our trip for sure.  Once you enter the wall you are directed to go one way, passing through other entrance gates that you cannot go back through.  Near the end of our walk we ran into a young German couple we had first met in Split.


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