The beach at Lombarda

After a wonderful morning of exploring Korcula Town we checked with the tourist office for directions to the local sandy beach and were directed to the tiny town of Lombarda, just fifteen minutes away by bus.  The map we were given showed a couple of beaches with cafes, a perfect place for lunch.  We hopped on the 2:00 bus, which was filled with school kids, and except for a young couple with a toddler from Sweden, we were the only tourists.


Vineyards in Lombarda

The bus stopped at several places, letting off all of the kids, before its final stop at a dirt road in the middle of vast acres of vineyards.  No beaches or cafes in sight.  We asked the bus driver where the beaches were by showing him our map and he waved his hand toward the unmarked road.  Will the bus pick us up at this same spot to go back to Korcula town? I asked somewhat skeptical at this point that we were on the right track.  He nodded.  The Swedish couple got off the bus with us and said they were also looking for a beach, which was somewhat reassuring.


Hopefully this road leads to the beach.


The town of Lombarda.

After a short walk we spotted a marina with an outdoor cafe but no sandy beach, and the cafe appeared to be open although all of the tables were empty.  We decided to continue walking and within a few minutes we arrived at a relatively large sandy beach area also with a cafe.


The beach and cafe at Lombarda

We ate a light lunch at the cafe, and as it turned out it had just opened that very day for the season.  Afterwards we waded in the warm clear water and sunbathed before walking into town.


The sea water on Korcula was clear and cool.

The path along the waters edge led us into the town of Lombarda which was a quiet place with a few empty cafes, an ice cream shop and a tourist office.


Beach cafe in Lombarda

We did find a beautiful place to enjoy a glass of wine though while we waited for the bus.


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