Getting to Korcula

croatia-map-central-south-dalmatiaSince there are 718 islands in Croatia, I knew that I wanted to visit at least one.  In May it isn’t all that easy to get to these islands as the ferry services don’t run full schedule until June 1 but it is still possible if you stay a couple of nights on an island.  We decided on Korcula because it was recommended by several bloggers as the island to visit if you had to choose only one.

The Jadrolinija car ferry and katamaran passenger ferry both travel to Korcula daily from Split but if weather is either too windy or water too choppy the catamaran doesn’t go out, which means that all passengers must take the later car ferry.  Fortunately for us the weather was calm on the day we planned to travel to Korcula (not the case for a British couple who traveled to Korcula a few days before us).

#1IMG_0461Tickets for the ferry have to be purchased at the Jadrolinija ticket office the day of the journey.  We were told to buy them early in the morning since the day before they had sold out before noon.  Good to know.  The ferry travels to the city of Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, which is on the opposite end of the island from Korcula town.

The ferry was scheduled to leave at 2pm so we had half a day to continue enjoying Split.




View of Split from the ferry

It was an hour boat ride to get to the island of Hvar where the majority of the passengers got off.



Bus ticket on Autotrans

In another hour we arrived in Vela Luka where a bus was waiting at the ferry dock to take ferry passengers to Korcula town.





Bell tower seen through the bus window on the way to Korcula.

Bell tower seen through the bus window on the way to Korcula.

The bus ride to Korcula town took an hour as it stopped in a couple of small towns on the way.

It was a pretty drive as the island is green and lush with vineyards and other agriculture.


First glimpse of Korcula town through the bus window.

The bus let us off at the Harbour in Korcula Town which was only a few minutes walk to the Old Town.


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