Charming Zadar

Fishing boats in Jasine Harbour

Fishing boats in Jasine Harbour, Zadar

Zadar was on our list of must-see cities when we first planned our trip to Croatia and initially it was to be a day trip on our way from Pag Island to Split.  It was the part of our trip we had left unbooked and when we discovered that getting to Pag Island in May was difficult without a car, we decided to skip Pag Island all together and spend two nights in Zadar instead, which we discovered to be a great choice.

We arrived in Zadar by bus from Plitivice Lakes National Park, a 3-hour bus ride through mountains and beautiful countryside.  Our apartment was located over-looking Marina Zadar with only a 10 minute walk to the Old Town.

Most Bridge, Entrance to the Old Town

Most Bridge, Entrance to the Old Town

The entrance to the Old Town is on the other side of Most Bridge which crosses over Jasine Harbour.

The main plaza

The town hall (centre) in Narodni trg (People’s Square)

As soon as we entered the partially walled city, it felt both charming and ancient.  In a few minutes we arrived at the large main plaza filled with interesting architecture, outdoor cafes and more tourists than we expected.

Ice Cream

Super deluxe Ice Cream in Zadar

One of the first things we noticed in Zadar was the spectacular ice cream displays.  There seemed to be an ice cream shop or cart on every block, each one out displaying the other.  We found that ice cream throughout Croatia was the best we’ve ever tasted; it was all house made.


Saint Anastasia Cathedral

When the cruise ship departed at 5:00 pm the evening in Zadar was relatively quiet, and we were fortunate that another ship did not arrive the following day.


Saint Donatus Church (9th Century)

Exploring the streets in Zadar in the evening was magical.  There was a real mix of the old and new.


A Salute to the Sun, by the architect Nikola Bašić. is a permanent art installation in Zadar.

Rowboat ferry

Rowboat ferry

#1IMG_6558It was a treat to have another full day to explore without an agenda.  Plenty of interesting and varied architecture to admire.

#6IMG_8630harbor in ZadarWe walked along the sea wall to the harbour.

#5IMG_6575harbor in Zadar


Riblji Restaurant ‘FOSA’

When we eyed this water’s edge restaurant we knew it was time for lunch.

Fosa was an elegant restaurant with a prix fixe lunch menu and plenty of shell fish options.  Large groups filled most of the outdoor tables and we were lucky to be seated at the last table for two.  It was the most special meal of our trip, both in terms of the quality of the the food and the ambiance, and I would highly recommend it.

The farmer’s market, located near the entrance gate to Old Town, sold colorful clothing in addition to local produce and cheeses.


Croatian Bakeries were excellent and plentiful.

A few of the interesting doorways we discovered.

#2IMG_6617sunset in zadar

Sunset in Zadar






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