Saturday in Zagreb

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Lauren and I happily ventured onto the streets of Zagreb early Saturday morning with the intent of enjoying the coffee scene followed by the farmers market.

We had read that Zagreb is well known for its cafes and that Saturday morning is an especially popular time for people watching while sipping bijela kava (coffee with milk).  Our host recommended Bull Dog cafe so we stopped when we spotted the place but truthfully any of the dozens of open-air cafes would have been just as delightful.  We stopped at a bakery on the way to have croissants with our coffee since that’s what we observed the locals were doing.  Restaurants served meals, but cafes often did not, which seemed to be typical throughout Croatia and bringing outside food to a cafe was an acceptable custom.


Dolac Market

Dolac Market is located on the north side of Jelacic Square.  It is open every day.


Dolac Market is vibrant and busy.

There were mostly local families shopping at Dolac Market on this Saturday morning in early May.

    Local produce, cheese, eggs and fish are available at Dolac Market

Local produce, cheese, eggs and fish are available at Dolac Market


The Golden Horseshoe

The Green Horseshoe

Taking a break from the crowds at the market, we walked through the Green Horseshoe, the green belt of the City.


View from a cafe near the train station.

At the lower end of the Golden Horseshoe is the train station and more cafes.

Just off Jalacic Square we discovered Mundoaka Street Food, a hip restaurant with a wonderful menu of pulled pork sandwiches, roast chicken and empanadas.  It was the only restaurant in Croatia where we waited for a table, and it was worth it.  The food was fresh, creative and delicious.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is located just across from Dolac Market on Kaptol Square

. The Cathedral spires are visible from all over Zagreb.

Later that evening we visited the Museum of Broken Relationships (more to come).



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