SF Gay Pride Parade 2014

SF Gay Pride Parade 2014I’ve talked about going to the SF Gay Pride Parade for a few years and this year I actually made it there.  I went on my own equipped with a new camera and anticipation of colorful photo ops.

The start time for the parade was 10:30 am at Beale and Market so I caught the 9:50 BART from Walnut Creek arriving at Embarcadero  moments before the Dykes on Bikes revved up.

SF Gay Pride Parade#36 flag

#4 Gay Pride ParadeI was able to get a great spot in front where I stood for about an hour before walking up Market Street to check out the street scene.


People warned that it might be over the top for me when I mentioned that I was going, but the parade was actually very tame and tasteful.

#26 Gay PrideThere were many floats.

#12 Gay Pride Parade

There was a large participation of tech companies and other corporations this year so that the parade was more mainstream than I expected.  Companies including Safeway, Whole Foods, Chipotle, Facebook, Twitter and many others, were there with pride in a big way.

On the sidelines I saw more tutus than nudity.

PerchedAnd there were lots of kids.

Apparently at Civic Center, where more festivities were planned after the parade, it may have been different but I hopped back on BART well before then.

But then there is always next year.


2 thoughts on “SF Gay Pride Parade 2014

  1. I’m so glad you’re back on WP. I love your photos; you captured the spirit, the energy and the color of the day. I especially noticed how you’ve set your photos. It looks great !
    You’ve inspired me to get back on here! Caniche3/Viv

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