Lake Siskiyou Trail

trail mapI’ve been camping with my family at Lake Sisikyou for many years and it wasn’t until last summer that I discovered that there is a trail that wraps all the way around the lake.  It was a friendly clerk at Ray’s market in Mt. Shasta City who told me that it was 5 miles around the lake.  This year we camped at Lake Siskiyou over the Labor Day weekend and I was determined to walk the trail.  My husband, who is a regular walker, declined my invitation to join me and so I decided to walk it myself the first morning of our trip.  To my surprise, my niece Courtney and my nephew’s girlfriend Stephanie were ready to join me when I was ready to venture out.  I had assumed they’d be tuckered out after a very late night of driving and setting up camp but there they were all fresh and ready for a little exercise.


View of Mt. Shasta from the Siskiyou Trail near the marina

We began the trail at the marina, heading clockwise from there.

My husband joined us for the first half hour then mentioned as he left that he could pick us up at the bridge if it proved to be too much to go all the way around.  I expected the journey to take two hours and “thank you, but no we wouldn’t need a ride”.

Me, Stephanie and Courtney

Me, Stephanie and Courtney



The trail was an easy, flat walk with beautiful views of the lake.  There were alternate trails along the waters edge for walkers, and we took one of these for a bit, but it was hot and the shade of the main road soon beckoned.


Wagon Creek Bridge

I don’t think it was possible to walk around the entire lake before the Wagon Creek bridge was completed in 2010.  It is located on the north side of the lake.

By the time we reached the bridge we had only seen a handful of people on the trail and all of them were on bikes except for one jogger.  As we continued past the bridge we began to encounter other walkers.  It was just about two hours since we had begun our trek and I knew we had a long way to go.  I asked several people if they had come from the campground trying to get a feel for how much longer we had to go.  They all said they had come from the chalets nearby and that their consensus was that it was too far to walk, a bike was a better way to go.  Hmmmm.   Realizing that the trail was more than 5 miles, but not sure how much more, I called my husband for a ride.  Later I found out it is 7.6 miles although one websites stated 11.5 miles while another 8.5.  Next year we will walk the entire trail and find out for ourselves.


Lake Siskiyou at dusk

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