Admiring Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

We visited the art museum on my first full day in Spain because if I were to see only one thing in Bilbao the Guggenheim was definitely on the top of my list.


Approaching La Salve Bridge and the Guggeneheim along the river walkway


View from across the Nervion estuary.

View from Pedro Arrupe Bridge

View from Pedro Arrupe Bridge

Our adventure began mid-morning as Lauren and I walked along the river, which gave us beautiful views of the structure we hadn’t previously seen.  We had hoped to stop for breakfast at a café on the way but not finding one we crossed the Pedro Arrupe Bridge to continue our search downtown.


View of the west side of the Guggenheim

On our search for a café we admired more amazing views of the Guggenehiem.  By the end of that day we would walk around the entire structure.

Finally we spotted tables outside at the edge of downtown and we had the luxury of enjoying our café con leche with the Guggenheim just across the way.  Pinch me.

The Puppy greets visitors on the square in front of the main entrance to the museum.

The main entrance

The main entrance, located on the south side, faces downtown.

All of the photos I had seen of the Guggenheim prior to my travels were of the exterior so I had no idea of the wonderland inside.  The experience left me in awe and I was inspired to write a separate post about that experience.  Everything about the Guggenheim is unusual and unique, so unlike the typical rectangular-shaped museums housing most art exhibits.

IMG_6562jumpwriteinAfter several hours of taking so much in, we walked back to our hotel for a much needed rest, then returned to the museum in the early evening to take pictures outside.

View from the La Salve Bridge at dusk

View from the La Salve Bridge at dusk

It was a perfect night and felt like summer; 75 degrees with beautiful live jazz and people milling around.

View of the east side at dusk.

The exterior of the Guggenheim is by far the most photographed and even if you don’t have the opportunity of visiting inside, viewing it from the outside is a magical treat.


View of the east side at dusk.

The art museum, designed by Frank Gehry, is in many ways more of a sculpture than a building.  He wanted Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to be more valuable as an art piece than anything that would be displayed inside and from my perspective that has been accomplished. The design and the effort it took to construct it is no match to anything I’ve seen.

————-Later that evening The Unexpected in Bilbao

————-The art inside the Guggenheim


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