Exploring Vitoria-Gasteiz


Above the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca

Our second day in Vitoria was Easter Sunday and we were lucky because it was a beautiful sunny day and many cafes and tourist sites were open.  We had a reservation to tour the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Santa Maria late that morning.  The remainder of the day Lauren would show me around the parts of her city we hadn’t seen the day before, including a walk to the high school where she was teaching English.

Tour of the reconstruction of Santa Maria Cathedral

Tour of the reconstruction of Santa Maria Cathedral

The tour of the Cathedral undergoing an elaborate reconstruction was a treat because it was something I had never experienced before.  Even though it was in Castellano, and I could understand un pocito, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We climbed the spiraling stone steps and crouched our way through narrow passageways to view the Cathedral from all angles.


The Arquillos. Designed by Vitoria architect, Justo Antonio de Olaguibel.


The Arquillos

This a gorgeous walkway above the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca.

Colorful art murals are abundant in Vitoria.

Window shopping.

We expected everything to be closed for Easter, but most shops and restaurants were open normal Sunday hours.

We ate lunch at Lauren’s favorite place; a modern, hip bar which served creative and delicious fare.  It was a beautiful and rare sunny day and we ate outside along with locals and tourists.  Everyone soaked up the sun as the weather in Vitoria is similar to Seattle.  Rainy days mostly.


Cathedral of Mary Immaculate, considered the New Cathedral, was built in the Gothic Style in the first half of the twentieth century.

IMG_7336This Cathedral was huge and I had hoped to go inside but it was closed on Easter.  Still very impressive though on the outside.

Instead we climbed up the steep steps to the top of the Torre de San Vicente (clock tower) where a beautiful view of the city awaited us.

The Camino Santiago traverses through Vitoria.  We noticed a few walkers passing through the plaza with their packs and walking sticks.

IMG_7131At the end of the day there were still a few places Lauren had hoped to show me but we ran out of time.  It had been a full day and we needed to pack for our early departure to Madrid the following morning, which meant there will be something new for me to experience next time.


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