The Observer

Photo by The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge

I’ve become lazy.  Instead of creating something myself I watch other people do things and I feel inspired.  Temporarily.  I attend a concert or an art exhibit or watch a movie or a dance performance and feel that I’m ready to write or create something I can share with the world.  But that inspiration quickly gets swallowed up into my routine and another month goes by with no output.  I take in loads but little comes out.  Is it important that I create something?   Apparently it is because I spend a lot of time thinking about it.  I then realize that what I’m really yearning for is an avenue to express myself in some unique way and that I seem to need to say, ‘this is who I am’ on a regular basis,” this is who I am today”.

Photo from Jonathan Fields website

So, how do I make creating things a habit?  Just like I begin to do everything else on a regular basis, I just begin to do it. I make it a priority.  I put it on my calendar in ink instead of pencil.  Sounds easy.  But.  There are so many distractions and excuses; baskets and bushes and in-boxes of them, that in no time any bursts of artistic inspiration diminishes into no-action.  Enough!  How do I sustain creative enthusiasm long enough to make something happen?  I begin.  I begin by doing something; write, draw, paint, sew, sing, dance, whatever.  One creative step leads to another.  I know from journaling that this is true.  There have been so many times when I haven’t had anything to say and then I begin with a word, then another and then a sentence appears, a paragraph, and before I know it I have written an entire page and have more to say than I have time for.  Usually once I begin to create something this opens the door for more unique ideas to come in.

When I get around to sewing a quilt, for example, concepts for new designs come to me more easily while I’m stitching fabric pieces together than when I’m not partaking in the process.  That’s the way it seems to go.  It’s not that I am short of ideas, even if I might think that is true before I begin, it’s that I don’t put creating at the top of my list.  Enjoying what others have accomplished is much easier and so I often take this road of the observer which requires the least amount of effort; I take in and don’t give out.  The price is steep for choosing a path of less resistance because I don’t share with the world what I have to offer, however small that might be.  I remain in the cocoon stage, wrapped up safe and warm, risking missing my opportunity to take flight.  I’m ready to change all that.

Coming this Christmas!!


3 thoughts on “The Observer

  1. Hi Jump! I think you have certainly taken flight. Dragonfly knew it was there all the time ! I like the photos that help to tell the story: the “Observer” of the Van Gogh and the little Kid’s “creator” hands — the London inspirational quote and your own creative (quilt) photo. Last but not least, you add the “Coming Next” Creativity tool: The Café Writer’s best friend. Cool!

  2. Look at you go! photos and everything! woo.
    Yes I know exactly what you mean. I’m constantly inspired and constantly writing blog posts in my head but when I have I make the time and sit in front of my computer, I allow emails and FB distract me… Never ending cycle.

    Making time and “forcing” myself sometimes is necessary.

    Hope you find some inspiration and create something new soon, whether it be a blog post or a quilt.!

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