Dear People – Bloggers Meet


My friends Viv, Kent and Gregg and I have formed a blogging group.  We’ve been discussing this for several months, with Gregg as our motivator, and finally we were able to gather last week.  We waited while we watched the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, to set up our blogs, and for me to recuperate from a cold, before we could settle down and begin.

The four of us sat at Viv and Kent’s kitchen table together with our laptops open and connected to the world not knowing exactly what we would discuss or agree to.  We seemed to reach consensus that a loose structure would be preferred; that it wasn’t a class or a place where we needed correction or even constructive criticism like is common in the traditional writing group.


We agreed that we each know how to write well enough and are just looking for motivation to actually sit down and put some thoughts, ideas, comments, observations, experiences, and stories down on paper, or in this case on the virtual blog space.  As a group we can encourage and remind each other to write more and posting what we produce on a blog will give us an audience however small.


In his book, The Element, Ken Robinson says that when people who share the same passion come together they will elevate each other to a new level in a way they can’t get to on their own (paraphrased).  I am assuming this will be true for our small group.  It appears we have four unique perspectives and a variety of interests to share with each other and with whomever else but there might find their way to our little virtual corner.

We agreed to meet once a month to see what comes next.  It feels like the beginning of something spectacular.



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Viv –

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3 thoughts on “Dear People – Bloggers Meet

  1. Nicely put or put nicely. I think you managed to put into words what was kind of a nebulous beginning, and a slow start to be sure. It’s always tough to find time to get anything done around the holidays…and just like that, here are the holidays. I’ve been in kind of a funky place the last few days. Or maybe I’m just in a funk. I’ve been writing the last few days, which is good, but I’m not all sure if what I’m writing is what I want to write or if what I have written is anything worth reading. I’ll put it out there on our blog in the next couple of weeks and see what comes of it even if nothing comes of it.

    I do agree that “working” within a group is better (for me) than floundering on my own, often without direction, often without success. A group can work as a sort of compass for whatever one is doing. It helps you define where you are and where you might want to go.

    I ramble therefore I am. This happens when the soul is left to wander and wonder aimlessly. I will try and corral it back to home base before leaving for Vegas.

  2. Hi! ……Nice job “Jump!” I already feel elevated – and it appears that you are too — Thanks for doing that.

    I’ve just begun to get my head out of that Jury ‘stuff.’ It really threw me for a looper. (Messed with my head). Today I worked a bit on a little gig re Paris which I may post on both blogs. The pix are a little tricky still (for me). See you soon! Vv

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  3. I’m excited to hear you started a blogging group! What a great ideas to stay motivated and share ideas. Good for you all for jumping in and making it happen!

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