Blogging: writer’s new paradigm

Viv, Gregg, Kent and I are discussing starting a blogging group, really just to gather to get us all going.  The typical writer’s group just isn’t going to fly anymore.  I’m more interested now in the new paradigm of blogging, which combines photos and writing.  I love it because it’s more spontaneous, in the moment and dynamic.  There is nothing to dust off.  And it doesn’t require an agent, publishing company, printing or distribution.  It’s all free and it‘s public for everyone to see.  All that is required is motivation and ideas.


One thought on “Blogging: writer’s new paradigm

  1. Indeed, the new paradigm is a good way to put it, although I’m so new to it I’m not yet sure if I’m comfortable with this form of expression. And I am rather anal about people not “dusting” things off before setting pieces in front of others to read. Still, I do like the three-dot journalistic style blogging seems to be well suited for. I also like the ability to add other forms of media to accompany the words (pictures, drawings and icons are the ones that come to mind). I am anxious to discuss further Monday afternoon.

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