Steamer Lane – O’Neil Coldwater Classic

It’s not often we are in Santa Cruz on a Tuesday but work was slow and the weather seemed promising so we headed our car to our favorite

Steamer Lane – Setting up for O’Neil Coldwater Classic surfing contest

place.  It was foggy when we arrived but we still enjoyed our walk along the sea on Westcliffe Drive.

Our walk begins at Steamer Lane, the popular surfing spot in Santa Cruz where on-lookers can view surfers from the cliff above.  This is my favorite place to visit in Santa Cruz and we come here a couple of dozen times a year.

O’Neil Coldwater Classic

Occasionally there is a local surfing contest in process when we arrive, but today they were setting up a for a World Class event; the Coldwater Classic.  Apparently this contest hasn’t been held in Santa Cruz for awhile.  It definitely was a big deal with grand stands set up at the edges of the cliffs for what should be spectacular viewing of the world’s finest surfers.  It begins November 1 with finals on November 11.  I’m not certain that we will be back to see it but it should be an amazing event.  Go to to view a trailer.

Setting up for the Classic


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