Value of being in a writer’s group

My friend Gregg and I are working on forming a writer’s group.  I’ve been in many writer’s groups before but this time I’m looking to create a forum where a few of us can inspire each other to go to the next step with our writing and to keep us engaged with the writing process itself.  We are hoping to include a couple from our coffee group (Viv and Kent) whom we know enjoy writing but are not as keen on deadlines.  The challenge is to create a place for us all to encourage each other without making it seem like a chore or homework.  Ideally we will all be so enthusiastic to write that we won’t mind the commitment, but so far only Gregg and I fit into this category.  Can a writing group consist of only two people?  Of course, my own personal writing in my journal all these years has consisted only of me.

I don’t need a homework assignment to write in my journal regularly, but then again most published writer’s don’t need a formal writer’s group to complete their novels.  For me, being a part of a writer’s group is to provide some structure for myself to write finished pieces, writing that I can share with others.  On my own I don’t seem to do that because who is to read what I write if I’m not in a group, however small?  Now that I’ve started this blog I do have a format, and even if I don’t have a an audience yet at least it gives me the illusion that people might find their way here and read a bit.


2 thoughts on “Value of being in a writer’s group

  1. Wow! I feel like a celebrity being mentioned in your blog.
    You may feel that your ‘gentle’ influence is having an effect ….
    🙂 Viv

  2. HI Viv, thanks for you comment! I’m looking forward to our blogging meet up. It feels like it could become a modern day Gertrude Steinish group.

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