Conversation with a Genie

Be careful what you wish for.  So what should I wish?  Granted with three wishes I need to choose carefully.  World Peace is what comes to mind first, lol, but wishing for world peace in 2012 will more likely get me whirled peas which I can do myself in the fancy blender Richard uses to make his mango smoothies.  Even with the help of an all powerful genie, to have a world-peace-wish come true it has to be the wish of the entire world.  World peace is too big a wish for one little person living in a privileged city by the Bay.  The world isn’t ready for peace, not yet, but I can’t stop believing that some day we will get there even though there is no evidence of that.  Faith does not require proof or facts.  I will hold on.  In the meantime world peace is what pageant participants and politicians say they wish for.

So is this going to be a conversation about what I can’t wish for or what I’m afraid to wish for?  Perhaps.  It’s similar to when I decided on my college major, it was all about the process of elimination since I didn’t have a burning passion to pursue.  I looked here and I looked there, I crossed off this and that, I didn’t like this, never that, no way, ouch, yuck, I could never do that.  Sorry Genie, excuse my rambling, let’s get back to my wishes.  Why is it difficult for me to just say ‘yes, I wish for world peace‘, you are a genie after all and no wish is too small.  What would happen to the world if it were all peacy-like?  Maybe I’m not prepared for this huge unknown.

So if not world peace what do I wish for?  I expected wishing would be easier than I’m making it out to be.  Ummm.  A new car?  No.  A new house?  No.  I can manifest things on my own if I really want them.  Think.  Dream.  Just don’t fall asleep, I can’t let this opportunity pass me by.  Okay, I’ve got it.  How about if chopping down the rain forest could end.  I could go for that wish.  That wish is not too big.  Yes, I can get behind that one.  Okay then, this is my official number one wish.  I can trust in you Genie to grant me my wish, you can do it, right?  Right?  I can’t hear you.  Don’t give me that look.  Oh, I see, I get it, yes, I do trust you.  If I were twenty when granted these wishes I wouldn’t need you to help me to believe that anything is possible.  Back then I didn’t know that such things would be so difficult to achieve.  Ignorance was sometimes bliss then because I didn’t shut down ideas as soon as they came to me.  Experience can be a good thing but it certainly has it’s flip side.  So my second wish is that I once again believe in miracles so that I can really get behind what I really want to wish for.

Whew, two wishes down, one to go.  How about something light this time.    No, I can’t waste a wish a genie will grant, it’s not everyday I have this much power, or is that really true.  According to many metaphysicians we all have so much more power than we know.  We are all genies, we just don’t know it, or what is really true is that we really don’t want to know because with power comes responsibility.  We couldn’t spend our time watching all those reality shows if we knew we had the power to change the world.

So on to that third wish, the lighter-side wish.  Hmmm.  Well now that you Madame Genie have restored my belief, I want to hold on to world peace as a wish after all.  I mean it was the first wish that came to me and the first thought is always the best one.  Right?  Yes, I know it is, I believe it is.  I believe.


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