Coffee House Connections

Drinking Peet‘s coffee has been a constant in my life for more years than I can count; perhaps sixteen if I had to come up with a number.  At the start I sat at the window counter jotting down my morning thoughts in a journal while sipping the bold, hot brew.  Writing soothed my soul then and in the early hours I enjoyed solitude before engaging head on with people at work, in traffic, on the phone.  Making friends at Peet’s could get in the way of that and I intentionally remained anonymous, at least in the beginning.

It was “Jim with the dogs” who first got me to engage.  He often sat outside in front with his two Australian sheepdogs, greeting each person before they stepped inside.  But on that day it must have been raining because he had moved to a table indoors.  I remember because he tugged on the edge of my pea coat while I waited in line.  ”Come sit down,” he invited in the warmest tone I just couldn’t turn down.  When I returned with my coffee his other recruits had already joined him and he introduced me to Sue, Judy, Pieter and John.  From that morning on we all sat together instead of reading or writing or daydreaming alone, and without knowing it formed the nucleus of the Peet’s family.  We talked about politics, movies, restaurants, the weather, and the price of coffee and welcomed everyone who wanted to chat.  Some people visited our group just once while many others have gathered at Peet’s on Locust Street for years.  I feel at home there, I can be myself there, I care about my friends there.



4 thoughts on “Coffee House Connections

  1. Hi Megan,
    This Blogsite looks great!
    I wouldn’t have known how to put it
    all together.
    Nice writing too-;-))
    Cheers from
    Viv (the Invisible One)

  2. Hi Viv,
    Thanks for your positive feedback and for checking this out! Its’ been a learning experience and fun.

  3. Megan…I have failed to comment but I have read your travelogue with some deep have recorded travels in Spain in a way that keeps me reading…love it you tell of your experience …reads very well…reveals your joy….it is a place that V and I have talked of visiting but other than a day in Barcelona with honking horns below our hotel window and a little three car train trip over the mountains into France we have not been there….EXCEPT for your report…KENT

  4. I admit it. I have a small addiction problem. Have had it for many years now. Can not start the morning without it. I feel it has been that certain something lacking in my life for many years until I made a habit of it. Now a morning without it and the whole day is blown. I’d like to say I’ve tried to kick it, but that would be a lie. Not only have I not tried to quit it, I’ve embraced it, encouraged it, even tried to get others to join me in my addiction. At work, at home, at a dinner party…I actually brag about my addiction.

    Well, there you go. Like Alcoholics Anonymous: My name is Gregg Campbell and I am a Peet’s addict. But that’s not exactly the truth, is it? No. It’s worse than that. It’s the damn people. Yes, them. Not the lovely cappuccinos. Not the elegant atmosphere of Locust Street Peet’s. Not the stunning drifters that flow in and out of the shop like some cheap saloon in a western B movie. Nope, none of those things. It’s the damn people.

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